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Copper / Nylon Polygonal ROLLER Scooter Engine Parts JOG90 NF50 ROLLER SET WEIGHT

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Copper / Nylon Polygonal ROLLER Scooter Engine Parts JOG90 NF50 ROLLER SET WEIGHT

Copper / Nylon Polygonal ROLLER Scooter Engine Parts JOG90 NF50 ROLLER SET WEIGHT supplier Copper / Nylon Polygonal ROLLER Scooter Engine Parts JOG90 NF50 ROLLER SET WEIGHT supplier Copper / Nylon Polygonal ROLLER Scooter Engine Parts JOG90 NF50 ROLLER SET WEIGHT supplier Copper / Nylon Polygonal ROLLER Scooter Engine Parts JOG90 NF50 ROLLER SET WEIGHT supplier

Large Image :  Copper / Nylon Polygonal ROLLER Scooter Engine Parts JOG90 NF50 ROLLER SET WEIGHT

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Wuxi
Brand Name: LONGSONG
Certification: CE
Model Number: 2T ENGINE PARTS-018

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 500set(6)
Price: $2.99/set
Packaging Details: White box/OEM color box
Delivery Time: 30 days if mix other spare parts
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100,000pieces/week
Detailed Product Description

3KJ JOG50 QJ50 Polygonal ROLLER Scooter Engine Parts JOG90 NF50 ROLLER SET WEIGHT Copper Nylon

Name: Hammer Roller
Alias: Clutch beads, beads Cape, Plymouth beads, beads driver
Process: Normal processing
Size: 15 × 12
Bead sizes 15 * 12 (YAMAHA JOG50 JOG90 BWS50 CUXI50 VINO50 RS50 CT50)
Weight (g): 2.2, 2.6, 3, 3.5, 3.8, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11
Core: Copper
Case Material: Nylon
Size error: ± 12c
Common name: JOG-50
Each bead contains six clutch
Model: Scooter

Plymouth bead works
Belt drive system attached to two discs, disc left, here let's call it the active disk (also known as disk drive), it is called the right of it driven disc. Active disk platters composed by two external disk is a fixed disk, the inner disk of Plymouth disk (also known as a removable disk, you can move axially). Plymouth beads (also known as mobile beads can move radially) is Plymouth dish of accessories, a total of six, packed in six runners in the figure above is a six Plymouth beads, the right to chuck . Figure 3 is a Plymouth in Plymouth beads intraday position. Affected by the engine speed, the rotational speed is gradually increased, the beads by the centrifugal force Plymouth outward radial movement of the slide along the outer edge of the disc, extrusion Pulley, the stationary plate and both the plates Pulley narrowing the distance between, due to the shape of the disk between the two as a dovetail groove, outside the narrow width of the belt in the dovetail slot by Plymouth disc extrusion, had slid to the outer edge of the disk, thus increasing the active disk diameter, while the length of the belt is constant, active diameter of the disk expansion is bound to the driven disc diameter is reduced, thus increasing the transmission ratio (gear ratio than the diameter of the disc is active and driven disc diameter), this time motorcycle speed, shown in Figure 4, left. Conversely engine speed decreases, Plymouth beads to the axis of the radial movement of the two disc extrusion force reduces belt, the belt moves to the hub, active disk diameter decreases, driven disc diameter increased, the transmission ratio also decreases, then the motorcycle speed decreases.


Plymouth beads weight affect the performance of the motorcycle

Understand the principles of Plymouth disc, we will learn what impact Plymouth beads motorcycle performance? Studied physics knows that the object m when subjected to a force F, and will produce an acceleration a, which is Newton's second law F = ma, the object's mass m and the centrifugal force F is proportional to the relationship, that is, the greater the mass m , the centrifugal force F becomes. This is not difficult to understand, just as we hand a rope, the other end of the rope tied around an object m rotary motion, the heavier the object m, hands grasping the rope rotates feel the greater the force F, the force F is centrifugal force; contrary m smaller objects, hands grasping the rope force F is smaller. Having said that nothing more than to tell you the truth: the weight of the different Plymouth beads at the same speed, the greater the weight, the faster the disk along the movement, active disk diameter is large, large transmission ratio; smaller weight, the disc along the slower moving, active disk diameter is small, it is a small transmission ratio.


Heavy Plymouth beads: Due to centrifugal force, so a little speed, beads can quickly reach the outer edge of the disk, the equivalent of increasing the active disc diameter, increasing the transmission ratio, the driven plate shoe was quickly pulling away and bowl of public contact, thus boosting motorcycle sport, that can achieve low-speed start, and even make the speed increases, because the beads can be easily re-thrown to the outer edge of the disk of Plymouth. For example, 9 grams of beads, to start at 3000 rpm, and 20 g beads just 2200 rpm can be started up. Speed ​​is reduced, Hath almost no fuel. If you want to improve fuel efficiency and speed, you can choose heavy beads, beads general weight 125 original car emissions is 12 g, if greater than 12 g of beads put (maximum recommended not more than 20 grams is appropriate, beads, too, on the one hand speed is too slow, on the other hand, accelerated Pulley and other mechanical wear and tear, affect the performance of the car, more harm than good), can achieve the purpose of the low speed start and fuel-efficient. We often say that the fuel filter is based on this principle will increase to 20 g Plymouth beads. However, gains will lose, in fuel-efficient, while the expense of torque and acceleration, which are corresponding decreased, such as speed slightly slower, slightly difficult on a large slope, the theory is that, but I modified 20 grams heavy bead effect, this "lost" seems obvious, starting still sharp, still riding in front of the red car, and have not encountered not climb the slope.


Light Plymouth beads: Due to the small centrifugal force, requires a lot of speed to throw beads Plymouth, speed increases, naturally, cost of oil, and even speed decreases, because the light is not easy flung beads Plymouth outer edge of the disk of the most , the maximum diameter of the active disc can not be obtained, as shown in the figure 5, of course, affect the speed. If you want to improve acceleration will put less than 12 grams lighter beads, such as 6.5 g, 7.2 g, 9 g and so on. But beneath must have, at the same time, fuel consumption is large, in exchange for a torque increases, the acceleration increases, can improve performance and load truck climbing performance, and if you want to start with a test ride type vehicle speed, it will be Plymouth beads replaced by light beads
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