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OEM / ODM KYMCO GY650 GY6125 Scooter meter assembly in PP Material

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OEM / ODM KYMCO GY650 GY6125 Scooter meter assembly in PP Material

OEM / ODM KYMCO GY650  GY6125 Scooter meter assembly in PP Material supplier OEM / ODM KYMCO GY650  GY6125 Scooter meter assembly in PP Material supplier OEM / ODM KYMCO GY650  GY6125 Scooter meter assembly in PP Material supplier

Large Image :  OEM / ODM KYMCO GY650 GY6125 Scooter meter assembly in PP Material

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Wuxi
Brand Name: LONGSONG
Certification: CE
Model Number: GY650-010

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 300pcs
Price: $7.15/pcs
Packaging Details: White box/OEM color box
Delivery Time: 30 days if mix other spare parts
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100,000pieces/week
Detailed Product Description


OEM / ODM KYMCO GY650  GY6125 Scooter meter assembly in PP Material





Motorcycle including odometer and speedometer instrument under the odometer connected through a shaft with a plurality of drive shafts within the gear wheel, a permanent magnet fixed to a round on the drive shaft and rotates together with the shaft, equivalent to a a group of coils on the outer periphery of the metal jacket of the magnet, do not contact each other between them, there is a certain gap. The lower end of the speedometer pointer together with the metal mask is fixed and connected to a spring, and the spring can timely reset the pointer swing smoothly. When the motorcycle driving, the speedometer drive gear wheel is rotated, passing through the flexible shaft to the rotation of the magnet on the instrument shaft, at this time, the magnetic field lines between the magnet and the metal cover are cut so that the coil generates a magnetic field induced current. This magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of the permanent magnet, the metal cover is rotated. By the rotation of the metal cover of the damping spring, when the metal cap and the spring damping torque is equal to the torque, speed, indicated on the table pointer to a value to indicate the traveling speed. The higher the speed, the faster rotation of the permanent magnet torque generated by the stronger role of the metal cover drive speedometer pointer swing angle is greater. When the vehicle speed slows down, the permanent magnet speed down, the induction coil produces a magnetic field is weakened, the torque becomes small, the effect of the springs in the speedometer pointer swing angle is small. If the motorcycle is stopped, it stopped rotating permanent magnet, coil induced magnetic field disappears, the speedometer pointer driven by springs back into place.



Register by three pairs of worm gear and counter drum composition. The end of the worm shaft rotary drive rotates at 1000 rpm when the shaft rotation, the end of the worm gear to rotate in a circle, at the end of the worm at the end face of the dial is equipped with teeth protruding claws, each revolution of the end of the worm, you toggle engraved with Register drum rotation tenth 0-9 weeks. Register ratio between drum and motorcycles as: wheel travel one kilometer, counter drum on the right side of the final grid scale rotating 10 grid. At this point, from right to left to rotate a second grid scale grid. It means that the vehicle 1 km. When traveling 10 kilometers, the second drum counter drum on the drum through the bumps toggle third scale from 0 to 1, indicating that the vehicle traveling 10 kilometers, the first rotating drum every week, dial moving the second drum rotation a grid; second drum rotation one week, toggle third drum rotation a grid until traveling 99,999 km. When this number is exceeded, the drum and all go to zero, reading again from scratch, so recycling.


Material: ABS, Normal Plastic, Iron, Steel,Alloy Rubber Stainless steel





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