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DUCATI Motorcycle Front Lamp

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DUCATI Motorcycle Front Lamp

DUCATI Motorcycle Front Lamp supplier

Large Image : DUCATI Motorcycle Front Lamp

Product Details:

Place of Origin:Wuxi
Certification:CE CCC
Model Number:LS-

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:300pcs
Price:can be negotiated
Packaging Details:White box/OEM color box
Delivery Time:30 days if mix other spare parts
Payment Terms:T/T
Supply Ability:100,000pieces/week
Detailed Product Description


DUCATI 1999 2012 Sportbike HID headlight DUCATI Motorcycle Parts Front Lamp





Xenon lamp (High intensity Discharge)


Refers to the internal full, including the inert gas xenon, including hybrid, no halogen lamp (halogen lamp) high-pressure gas filament has a discharge lamp, referred to as HID xenon lamp, can be called heavy metal lamps or xenon lamps, the luminous works by and the electronic ballast starts, the voltage increased to 23000V xenon causing shock or more xenon arc is formed between the two electrodes and emits light.

Xenon lights into the car with xenon lamps and outdoor lighting xenon lights.


Xenon lights, also called HID gas-discharge headlights. Is wrapped in a quartz tube to replace traditional high-pressure xenon gas tungsten wire, higher color temperature, but aggregate lighting. Because a bunch of arc xenon lamp is the use of high-voltage electric current to activate the formation of xenon can be sustained luminous discharge between two electrodes. Ordinary car lamp power of 55 watts, while only 35 watt xenon lamp and reduce nearly a half. Xenon lamps can significantly reduce the burden on the vehicle electrical system. Xenon car lights color temperature between 4000K-6000K, much higher than ordinary car headlight bulbs. It is high brightness, 4300K ​​Xenon lamp light color is white yellowish, due to lower color temperature, visual effects yellowish, penetration of light in high color temperature lamps, night and fog can improve driving safety. When driving at night without lights in the road, the road has narrow bend, this time, if your headlights will be brighter, according farther, then necessarily improve driving safety of many. HID xenon lamp is based on traffic safety at night and developed a new generation of headlights.


[1] Xenon HID abbreviation is a gas discharge lamp, which was first used on air transport. Used widely in the market xenon lamp has two categories, one is automotive lighting, one motorcycle lighting. But is used in large quantities to the car it is something more than a decade, and it comes from Hella has developed in the early 1990s.


The lighting is used in motorcycles, "fence Lighting" in 2002 based on the principles thus developed automotive HID xenon lamp up to 49 percent on motorcycle


Xenon lamp emitting principle with halogen and incandescent previously described differently. It has no filament, but the use of positive and negative electrical stimulation of high pressure xenon bulb and rare chemical reaction and then light, usually we see xenon lamp in a small glass ball is sinking, xenon lamp light source, during filled with xenon gas and a small amount of rare metals.

Xenon lights due to higher technology content, so the price is more expensive than ordinary halogen and incandescent lamps.


Spare parts for DUCATI Sport bike , such as lights, plastic body covers, Fuel Tank, Seat, shocks ,wheels, tires, cables, speedometer, seat, frame,Muffler, horn, locks.





All the spare parts are used for repairing.


A,Packing and Delivery Processing:

DUCATI Motorcycle Front Lamp

B,Quality Certificates:

DUCATI Motorcycle Front Lamp

DUCATI Motorcycle Front Lamp


DUCATI Motorcycle Front Lamp

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DUCATI Motorcycle Front Lamp


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Contact Person: Mr. Liu



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